Friday, February 26, 2016

These May Be the Dumbest 4 Words a Freelance Writer Ever Heard

...and Mikey's about to Show You Why They're so Dumb!

Mikey is Mad at 4 Words
I felt compelled to write this quick post in regards to a particularly irritating and utterly useless piece of advice many freelance writing experts use to answer a very important question. And you'd almost be convinced the experts actually helped struggling writers if the too often uttered phrase wasn't the most worthless, confusing and potentially damaging combination of 4 words a freelance writer trying to make money online could ever have the unfortunate luck to read and believe.

It's used so much by so many experts in this industry that an individual (like me) may begin to question their own mental state.

Have I suddenly dropped to a 3rd grade reading comprehension level and am now unable to read between the lines?

Is this dumb-ass phrase actually hiding some profound secret that I am incapable of seeing?