Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day in the Life: Selling Content, Hustlin’ and a Jivin’, Would the Real Freelance Writer Please Stand Up

Part 3: It's a Hard Knock Life for a Freelance Writer Like Mikey 

The Real Freelance Writer 
Here we are again, Part 3 in a Day in the Life of Mikey Freelancer. As we glide from our perch in the rafters of a tiny and hot living room, we come to rest on the corner of a couch that has seen better days. Mikey sits hunched over a blocky laptop. All we need is a quick glance at the screen to see that he’s still mired in bid hell on

As we look over his shoulder, we see that he has managed to land a few projects here and there. But the glint of light from a crinkled Ramen package hits our eye to testify to the real truth of his supposed success. The handful of completed projects described on his profile page show that he did finally achieve that high star rating and those stellar reviews he was so convinced would guarantee him access to the big-time jobs. But upon deeper inspection, it’s clear that he’s still wallowing in the shallow end of the budget pool. There’s not one project with a budget over $100.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Exclusive Interview with Co-Founder's Dariush Vollenweider and Michael Speziale About the Newest Freelance Writing Site

Freelance Writing Site Copycontest Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview with Co-Founders Dariush Vollenweider and Michael Speziale of the newest freelance writing site on the Internet;

Dariush is one of the nicest guys I have met on LinkedIN in a long time. He has a passion for what he does, and it shows in his vision of what CopyContest will provide both clients and writers.

I have scoured CopyContest and truly believe it could change how freelance writers find jobs. The pay is exceptional and could give us all a place to earn what we deserve. I will write a complete freelance writing site review in the next few days. Until then, enjoy what Dariush Vollenweider and Michael Speziale have to say about their vision of a new way to earn money writing.

Also, I am not an affiliate of CopyContest nor am I trying to promote the site for any hidden benefit. I am just a member and a reporter interested in giving my freelance writing colleagues the chance to make their own decision on whether they should check it out or not.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Freelance Writing for Profit Wishes Everyone a Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day, and I Come Bearing Gifts for All my Loyal Members or Any Freelancer Who Wants Them!

Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day to all and to all a good night....

No wait. That's Christmas.

Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day cause ain't nobody got time for that...

Nope, wrong. That's just a saying that has been bouncing around my brain for an entire year refusing to leave...

What is the (Belated) Valentine's Day saying?

Is it just "Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day"? That's kind of boring.

Oh Well, not my problem I don't reckon. Because it was a double whammy for me and a damn good thing that I actually remembered this year!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Day in the Life: Bid Blisters Are Bad, M'Kay

A Day in the Life Part 2: Watch Out for Scumbags

Last time on a “Day in the Life”, we watched Mikey Freelancer try to make money as a freelance writer on Textbroker. Alas, an A-Hole client trapped our hero in a revolving revision door and put the ax to his efficiency for the day. Read it here to catch up and see what Mikey learned.

In Part 2, we go back even further in Mikey’s freelancewriting career, back to the time when all that existed for our hero were unending questions with too few answers. This episode will cover nearly a year so that the story can be told properly and provide you with the most benefit.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Don't Get Beat by Low Pricing, Earn What You Deserve as a Freelance Writer

Countless marketing studies have shown that buyers build their initial opinion
about a service or product based on cost. When asked which item is better between two that are identical, consumers almost always prefer the higher-priced item. Even when they are exactly the same. 

In one case study I saw recently, regular people from the street were asked to try a free sample from two cakes. Although the tasters were unaware, the cakes were absolutely identical except for price. One cake was $15 and the other was $55. Every single taster said that the $15 cake was too dry and the frosting was bland and tasteless. However, when they tried the $55 cake, they expounded about its superiority over the $15 variety. The icing was delicious and creamy, the cake had the perfect texture and was anything but dry. Even once they were told that the cakes were made in exactly the same way using exactly the same ingredients, they chose the $55 cake over it's lower-priced variety. 

This goes to show you the power of pricing. Make sure to price yourself right, and your services will get the respect they deserve. This freelance writing rate calculator will help you determine what you should be charging for the work that you produce.