Sunday, September 7, 2014

Let's Review A Freelance Writing Site: Writer Town

Joining and posting on the freelance writing site Writer Town should be considered a necessity for every freelance writer interested in making money online, building traffic and learning more about the freelance writing business. The benefits are incredible, and, in my opinion, there are no negatives. Admittedly, and sadly, I just now registered on this freelance writing site. I’ve actually known about Writer Town for a few months now, fellow writers have recommended it, and I’ve read numerous blogs and articles about it. But, for some reason, I just never checked it out. A couple weeks back, I finally did, and I’m kicking myself for not having joined sooner. If you’ve never heard of Writer Town, or you’re a procrastinator like me, allow me to list a few points to convince you why you should hop onover there and sign up.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Things I Learned About Freelance Writing While Working On My Truck

I own an old, beat-up pickup truck that’s seen better days. It’s got a ton of miles on it, rust spots and the interior smells like something from a high-school locker room, but it gets me from A to B. The other day, the thermostat went out, and it started overheating. I grabbed my tools and went to work on my rusted beauty, hoping to extend its life just a little longer. While I busted my knuckles and cussed liberally, I thought about how working on an old pickup truck kind of relates to freelance writing. These are the things I learned.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Changes To The Site, Building A Community And Other Things On My Mind

I've been working on the site over the past few days. You may have noticed some changes. I also added a forum and a small store. The forum is simple. It's meant to allow ya'll to connect with each other, trade ideas and talk shop. I also wanted a place to put job leads. I'm going to be posting the opportunities I find on the forum, and I hope you all will too. Another function of the forum I envision is a place where users can post mini-reviews or opinions of the various freelance writing sites. It's pretty bare right now, but I want the community to grow and build the discussion as they see fit. Creating a community of like-minded freelance writers is my ultimate goal. So, I hope everyone will participate.

The store is a way that I can provide everyone with guides and resources that I have found useful. I have personally read or used most of the items in the store, and I recommend them.

Ultimately, I am refocusing my efforts on providing ya'll with a helpful freelance writing site. I think that the forum and store will provide that little extra something that makes this website unique. With that in mind, I am also open to guest posters, guest posting, exchanging links and generally connecting with others in the freelance writing community. Contact me to connect. I look forward to getting to know everyone in the forum, and I hope ya'll like the changes.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Something New I Learned About Freelance Writing Today

I learn new things about freelance writing almost every day. Some of these discoveries are pretty awesome in my own humble opinion, and I enjoy sharing them with my friends. My freelance writing – let’s call it “epiphany” for lack of a better term – epiphany for today involves a new avenue for client prospecting that ties in perfectly with the tried and true method of building niche expertise and online presence: good old fashioned community involvement.

And by community involvement I mostly mean participation in forums, blogs, Q&A sites and any other medium that will help establish your expertise in a niche. That’s the tried and true method I mentioned before, and it will aid you in growing your name on the Internet. However, certain platforms, especially the forum, offer additional opportunities in the form of potential clientele.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Perfect Freelance Writers Resume That'll Bring All The Clients To The Yard

I’ve spent a lot of time on ad sites like ProBlogger querying potential clients and applying to freelance writing jobs. There is the potential to make some good money and even land full-time employment through these sites. Most of the ads I see ask for a resume along with samples and a query letter. But how do you create a resume as a freelance writer? Do you include your work history even though it may not be associated with writing? How do you showcase skills and knowledge acquired through means other than on-the-job experience? These questions have been turning hairs gray for years. However, there is a relatively simple answer: the skills resume.

The skills resume essentially flips the script on the old chronological resume. Instead of focusing on your work history, you take that obscure little box containing ‘Other Experience’ and make it the main feature. This is an acceptable alternative to a chronological resume, especially as a freelance writer. Let’s look at the basic anatomy of a skills resume.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Let's Do Freelance Writing Work: Ad Sites

Taking the time to look for freelance writing jobs on ad sites like ProBlogger, BloggingPro or even Craigslist can sometimes lead to lucrative and long-lasting work relationships. Several of my most consistent clients have come from these types of freelance writing sites. The key to finding work on ad sites is to keep time-management in mind at all times. Also, approach each potential client as if you were querying a publication. In other words, bring you’re A-game as fast as possible.

 This can be tough, admittedly. Time-management and quality proposals aren’t always the most cohesive bed-fellows. It’s easy to get in a rush and slack-off on a sample or query letter for a potential client you may never hear from again. Let’s look at a few ways to work freelance writing ad sites so that you’ll get the most out of your time.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Just Because You're a Non-American Doesn't Mean You Have To Settle For Less As a Freelance Writer

I get tons of questions from non-US writers struggling to find freelance writing sites that pay and pay well. Many non-citizens have excellent writing skills. But what it boils down to is tax difficulties and the hoops these sites must jump through to pay freelance writers in different countries. However, there are some excellent freelance writing sites available to those living outside the States. I am currently working on a more comprehensive E-Book that will cover this topic, and many others, that I am going to provide free to my subscribers. Until then, I’m going to toss this quick list up to help ya’ll get the ball rolling.

1.       Bukisa – If you were to compare this freelance writing site to another, it would be comparable to eHow and their compensation methods. Freelance writers will make money through page views on their how-to articles. Bukisa’s FAQ says this about their payment index: "It’s updated at least once per month based upon the overall performance of our websites revenue streams - this involves the following: contextual advertising, banner advertising, e-mail marketing, joint ventures and more." Bukisa also offers an affiliate program that increases revenue with each referral.