Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Freelance Writing for Profit Wishes Everyone a Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day, and I Come Bearing Gifts for All my Loyal Members or Any Freelancer Who Wants Them!

Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day to all and to all a good night....

No wait. That's Christmas.

Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day cause ain't nobody got time for that...

Nope, wrong. That's just a saying that has been bouncing around my brain for an entire year refusing to leave...

What is the (Belated) Valentine's Day saying?

Is it just "Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day"? That's kind of boring.

Oh Well, not my problem I don't reckon. Because it was a double whammy for me and a damn good thing that I actually remembered this year!!!

My 9th wedding anniversary is also Valentine's Day. Yea, big time screw up if I had forgotten. Ya'll probably wouldn't hear from me any more. Luckily, I couldn't sleep at all last night, so I was out and about super early this morning. My friend texted me with a little "bro code" reminder while he was heading to work and told me to get my butt over to Wal-Mart and buy something that has absolutely nothing to do with surfing, fishing, camping, tools, sports or pretty much anything that I think is cool. So I got her this nice tablet and keyboard combo.(Well, Nice for Wal-Mart.)

 I'm sure there's many women gasping in shock right now, "A TABLET FOR AN ANNIVERSARY?!?!?!". Yea, I know, I am probably THE most romantic guy ever. It's just in my blood. I mean, what can I say, I'm super sensitive to the feminine side of my emotions, and I intuitively understand what the ladies want.

Yep, just call me Miko Suave...

Whoa! Drowning in my own BS, here. Life preserver, please.

In actuality, I am probably the luckiest guy in the world to have a beautiful wife that is really laidback, undemanding and down-to-Earth. She's needed a new tablet for the last month ever since our daughter somehow managed to completely destroy her old one. So, I knew what to get her, where to go and how to accomplish it without having to strain my poor old brain too much. The new-to-us Audi A4 I bought her (financed) a few weeks back didn't hurt the situation either.

So, thankfully, I've survived and am able to report on a couple cool things for the FWP blog and forum community!! Without further horn tooting or crap-talking, let's get into all the Valentine's Day goodies I've gathered up and wrapped with sweet digital wrapping paper for each and everyone of my freelance brothers and sisters. Did you think I'd forget about my Online family? Heck no!! So here's the first gift I bear.

I've posted all the details in the FCCO forum. Follow that link to unwrap your first Valentine's Day present. It's not much and kind of sneaky on my part, but I think you'll find some use out of it if you're into reading Free Ebooks about writing, blogging and more. So go on, get you little rascals. I'll be here with your next surprise when ya'll get back!

Back already! How'd ya like it? Great, I am really happy for you'ns. Alright, gather around freelancers and let's take a look at my next gift. I worked all day on this. It may seem small or insignificant at first, but I want ya'll to know how happy I am that our little family is nearing 30 members!


The Contact Michael page has been revamped. It looks decent now, but I plan on buying a nice template so that it shimmers, sparkles, SHINES! The point of this page is to give you all as much access to me as possible. I will add a Skype call function and many other things to help us become a more cohesive unit, the CO-OP that we will be when FCCO ARRIVES!!!

So, my friends, take a gander at your newest addition to the FWP Blog that has been mine for 3 years, but I now feel like it should be ours. This is for us, I will make it so, and my greatest hope, wish and desire is that you all will open up and allow me and my partners that are experts in countless things to instill my long fought for experience and knowledge into you members, you freelancers, the people that I want to succeed just as much as I have been fortunate enough to achieve.

Trust me, I fully understand that the way of the world has everyone extremely wary of these kinds of too good to be true situations. One day, I will explain to you all why I am so passionate about helping, teaching, supporting, and gathering a small group of individuals into a Co-operative Community that is there for each other when we're down, working together on huge projects, mentoring newbies, delegating marketing groups focused on bring in clients, establishing partnerships to bust out content in droves and , essentially, work as an old school family run Co-op like the one my pops ran during the 80s.

But I am not ready to open up yet. 

I have seen very little interaction on the Forum, and I need that to change. 

I need you all to trust me for a bit and begin working with the forum, doing guest posts for each other and generally interact and get to know each other. 

Then I will tell a non-fiction Day in the Life that will make it abundantly clear why I am the man that I am today.

Hard life, death of a parent at 14, troubled teen years in and out of Juvenile Detention Centers, and then things that I brought upon my self that forced my family to the brink of destruction.

And then the light brought me back, with all that experience, all that understanding and a willpower stronger than diamond. And the most important thing:

A link to my long dead mother who was the world to me and her voice telling me to atone for my sins in any way possible, to do what she always knew I could and to be the great man she knew I was born to be. The man  that could lead compassionately with an open mind and an open heart yet with strength, tenacity and gritty power capable of driving through any obstacle without a flinch.

 A destiny, perhaps, to not only succeed in this money hungry world but to bring my families with me. My immediate families and my Online families. All of you forum members are already in there and more will come when this founding unit of 28 members becomes a freelance family capable of achieving the sky, the moon and the vast cosmos beyond.

I need each and every one of you, though. It's the plain and simple truth.

Loli Rose

My daughter, her name is Loliana Rose Davis, sits behind me right now as I write this. She is holding me, bringing me tissues and telling me how much she loves me. I am crying, not balling, but struggling to keep from it. I haven't cried in as long as I can remember. THIS is how passionate and dedicated I am to you all. Whatever it takes, I will do. However we must go about it, we can figure it out, United we stand, divided we fall.

How about we unite, under the FCCO banner, stand tall and live our lives as they are meant to be lived, not in the pursuit of happiness because we've already found our serenity.

So, enough of the pity-party. But I would like to reiterate this simple fact: I know we're all extremely busy, but take five minutes to hit the forum and drop a line. Nothing important or deep, just talk about anything and let's get to know each
other. I had other gifts for you all, but after what happened to the Contact page, I am emotionally drained. Running on fumes is an understatement, I'm running on the grace of my spirit mother giving me the strength to carry on.

Good night freelancing family, and I hope to speak with you tomorrow. 


Michael Davis said...

Wow, what a rambling mess of a post. That's what happens when I don't outline before hand. Full of sincerity but bouncing from point to point like a kid with ADHD on a trampoline.

Anonymous said...

As long as you enjoy youself, and we understand what you're trying to communicate, not to keep bouncing

Michael Davis said...

Ahh, thanks for them words my friend! Join our family forum if you haven't already.

Hit the "Ask for Invite" and I'll approve asap.

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