Thursday, July 31, 2014

*UPDATE* Answers To Your Freelance Writing Questions

So, I did a bit of research regarding Non-American authors on some of the most popular job board sites like TextBroker and MyAms. I was completely wrong in my earlier assumptions regarding TextBroker. They ONLY accept American authors. Which makes zero sense to me as some of the articles ask for Australian and British spellings and euphemisms. I guess an American can easily write in another countries slang, but it still seems weird to me. As far as MyAms is concerned, they accept writers from English speaking countries. The list is limited to the US, England, Canada, Australia and South Africa. There might be a few that I missed, but those are the major ones. The thing both of these sites have in common is that they will suspend or delete your account once they find out you're from a country not on their list. Short of writing through a proxy, I've yet to find a legitimate way around this. UPDATE END

A couple readers have commented recently asking questions regarding freelance writing. For some reason, I cannot reply on my own blog. It won't publish anything. So, I decided to answer the questions in a post because I feel it will benefit everyone.