Thursday, July 31, 2014

*UPDATE* Answers To Your Freelance Writing Questions

So, I did a bit of research regarding Non-American authors on some of the most popular job board sites like TextBroker and MyAms. I was completely wrong in my earlier assumptions regarding TextBroker. They ONLY accept American authors. Which makes zero sense to me as some of the articles ask for Australian and British spellings and euphemisms. I guess an American can easily write in another countries slang, but it still seems weird to me. As far as MyAms is concerned, they accept writers from English speaking countries. The list is limited to the US, England, Canada, Australia and South Africa. There might be a few that I missed, but those are the major ones. The thing both of these sites have in common is that they will suspend or delete your account once they find out you're from a country not on their list. Short of writing through a proxy, I've yet to find a legitimate way around this. UPDATE END

A couple readers have commented recently asking questions regarding freelance writing. For some reason, I cannot reply on my own blog. It won't publish anything. So, I decided to answer the questions in a post because I feel it will benefit everyone.

Anonymous asked: "Do you pay tax through the website? I tried to register and I was denied access to my account because I am from Kenya and the website admin said they needed writers who can pay tax to US." 

This is in regards to TextBroker. With TB, and most job board sites, they require that you submit a W-9 to prove your US citizenship. However, I believe, but am not sure, that if you're from an English speaking country such as England, Australia or Canada you can still write for them. If I remember correctly, writers can submit a W-9 even if they live outside the US. I'm pretty sure South Africa is included in this list. Perhaps Kenya as well? I'll find out more information regarding this and update this post accordingly.

Odotte asked: "I would like to know how to do affiliate marketing on my site but I do not know how.Could you assist me?"

This question is a bit more complex. Affiliate marketing comes in many shapes and sizes. The easiest advice I can give, short of composing an entire post, is to look into Google AdSense and sites that offer affiliate partnership. With AdSense, you can easily enable any blog or website to show targeted ads by simply copying and pasting some code. AdSense lets you customize your ads so that they fit your site.

There are numerous writing sites that offer affiliate partnerships. For example, LondonBrokers pays $10 for each new writer you refer that submits 10 articles. After that, they pay 3% of that writers overall earnings each week. It's not much, admittedly, but if you cultivate affiliate relationships, then the amount adds up over time.

Another way I approach affiliate marketing is to sign up as a representative for big name companies such as Target, Best Buy, Sony, Etc. Then, when I write about a relevant topic, I link to products and services offered by my affiliate partners.

There are countless ways to approach affiliate marketing. And there are far more knowledgeable people than me that offer advice on the Internet. A simple Google search will net you tons of sites and articles on the subject.

Finally, I have been compiling a list of freelance writing sites that are available to non-US citizens. I'll try to have it posted in the next few weeks. Hope this helps everybody and feel free to ask more questions in the comments. One of these days I'll figure out why I can't reply. Until then, look for my answers on this post.

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