Saturday, August 2, 2014

Freelance Tip Of The Day: Punch Fear Straight In The Mouth

Uncontrolled fear or a lack of confidence is the number one contributor to why people don't succeed as freelance writers. The ego part of everyone's mind will always say, "You can't", "You're not good enough", and "Others know more than you". But freelance writing is the antithesis of this limiting viewpoint. We're freelancers so that we're not constrained by normal conventions. Why limit ourselves because of fear when we're confident enough to display an entrepreneurial spirit? If you want to succeed online, the first thing you must do is punch fear straight in the mouth.

The thing is, I struggle with this every single day. I've achieved a modicum of success as a freelance writer, but still my brain is insistent that I am not good enough. When I attempt to step outside what I'm used to, I hear the inevitable doubt between my ears. Trying something new is difficult for everyone. We, as freelancers, are not alone in this.

You Provide A Valuable Service

The key to overcoming doubt is to KNOW that you provide a service on par with anyone else. Even more so. Do a Google search on your niche. Read some of the articles so called experts post. I guarantee that they're not telling the people anything more than what you can. In fact, they probably don't know as much as you do on a specific subject. What makes them different? The fact that they have spent years establishing their "expertise". A large majority of these experts hire freelance writers like ourselves to provide the research and knowledge to garner their expert status.

If You Can Write For Content Mills, Then You're Already An Expert

Writing for job-board sites, freelance sites and content mills is not easy. The research and overall knowledge required to actually make a profit is huge. If you can write for these websites, feel free to consider yourself an expert on any topic you wish. The simple fact that you have the wherewithal and intelligence to pick up a subject, research it and write an engaging article is impressive to say the least. Use this to bolster yourself the next time you're in doubt about what you can do as a freelance writer.

Freelance writing is like anything else, you must be confident if you want to succeed. The difference is that there are no accolades or back-pats in this game. You must praise your own accomplishments. The bottom line is don't let small setbacks or slow progression kill your dream. If freelance writing is what you want to do, punch fear in its mouth and do it.

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