Sunday, May 18, 2014

*UPDATE* Let's review a freelance writing site: BlogJob

UPDATE: I spoke with the web master, Sheridan, over at BlogJob. He wanted to clarify his vision of the future of BlogJob. This is what he had to say:

I really appreciate that….thanks. I do realize that I haven’t been clear enough in describing the vision and purpose of the site well enough, so I’ll be working on putting something together that does that. I agree that it would be difficult for most people living in first world countries to make a living simply by relying on the amount of reward points that are given out at the present time. The plan is to increase the amount of reward points given, as the revenue of the site increases, so that possibility may one day exist. There are also additional ways to earn which can provide enough
income for people to make a living such as advertising, affiliate marketing and business opportunities. The results from those activities will depend mainly on the amount of effort put in by the individual. This project is a leap of faith us, but we need you to take that leap with us in order for it to work. Our intentions are to bring something good into this world, that can truly help people. Please help us make that happen. Thank you.

I've never seen someone work harder on getting a site operational. This man is dedicated and it shows in his love for what he's doing. I feel that he understands freelance writing and what it takes to provide authors with the perfect platform.

BlogJob isn't a typical freelance writing site. It's an amalgamation of social networking and blogging with a twist; the ability to earn points. BlogJob isn't the type of site where you'll earn a living, but it's an innovative idea, fun and completely free.

The point system goes something like this: For each like, comment, forum post, wall update or blog post, along with numerous other ways, one is rewarded with a set number of points. Those points can be cashed-in for gift cards from places like Applebee's, Target, Sears, Amazon, Gamestop, etc., etc. They even do Paypal cash deposits. Which is pretty sweet.

The site integrates a social aspect with blogs. It provides all the tools to setup any type of blog using WordPress compatible widgets and themes. The balance is smooth with the user being able to easily jump from site to site and back.

Being rewarded for commenting and liking is a definite bonus, but the tried-and-true, Facebook-style social networking is a hit. Posts from blogs, forums and profiles around BlogJob are sleekly presented on the wall. The addiction really sets its hooks when a running tally of earned points pops up on the right with each action.

BlogJob is a relatively new freelance writing site. It has a couple hundred members at this point, but is growing everyday. There are some glitches, I had trouble uploading an avatar my first few days, but the mix of social, blogging and a point system make it a fun and profitable way to express yourself and meet new people.

This freelance writing site is small, at the moment, and the community is just beginning. Now is a great time to get in on the ground floor and grow with it. At least we can see if the idea pans out or dies quick. I have a feeling it will be a popular new way to blog.


odotte geoffrey said...

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Anonymous said...

I still don't understand the part about "Social Engagement" says you can earn 1000 points, but is that per day, or as long as it takes to get the 1000 points? And if so, once you earn the 1000 points, is that it? Or can you do all the social engagement tasks again as long as you stay within the limits? (Like 5 wall updates, etc.) Thanks for more info.

Michael Davis said...

I'm pretty sure that is an Achievement type reward. You do the things that it asks for under Social Engagement and once you've completed the tasks you're rewarded the 1000 points. You can only do it once.

Hafiz islam said...

Sign up is closed?

Michael Davis said...

@Lee, while I appreciate your attempt, however half-assed it may be, at community involvement, you could at least vary a word or two between your copy/paste comments. That's not the way to build profitable relations within the Freelancing Community. This BLOG is for helping each other. I don't make anything off of it. I do it because I like to spread knowledge and shine some light into all the darkness. I sure as heck ain't gonna allow you or anyone to spam useless comments that offer no value.

I'll leaqve this comment, but I am deleting the other three IDENTICAL comments from the other posts.

Jacky Hughes said...

I am only in my second day there, but I do like the concept and plan to see how it all works. I would say "so far, so good." We freelance writers who prefer to be free to write as creatively as we want have certainly needed a place like this for some time so I hope it is as good as it looks. Thank you for your review and the reassurance of a personal contact with the person who created Blogjob.

young hopes said...

I have recently signed up for this site, but i am unable to understand how to make use of the section 'business opportunities' can you please help

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